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East Coast CBD News/Media

A little bit about us and what we have been up to

Organic CBD

Founding Member and Creator of the Certified Clean Cannabis Program

Sept. 28, 2016

Here's the story of how it all started back in early 2014.  Today there are over 20 certified clean cannabis medical marijuana caregivers and hemp growers in Maine and we are always looking to grow........(no pun intended).

Maine Medical Marijuana Caregiver Store

1st Caregiver Storefront in Maine!!!

February 14, 2018

In May of 2014 East Coast CBDs opened in Unity, ME.  Only 8 medical dispensary licenses have ever been issued licenses in Maine.  7 out of 8 dispensary licenses were issued to non-native Mainers (Out of State owned), leaving many Maine folks with little to no opportunity to participate in a fair and competitive marketplace.  The state told marijuana caregivers we were not allowed to operate as a business.  East Coast CBDs challenged that opinion and asked DHHS and law enforcement to charge us with whatever crime they suspected so the court could determine what is legal.  In October of 2015 we received our 3rd inspection which included: 4 law enforcement officers, 2 MMMP inspectors and the MMMP director.   We finally won that battle, when I (Dawson Julia) filed a complaint of harassment through the sheriff's department which essentially put a end to the DHHS harassment and caused the department to issue a letter stating I was in full compliance with the state .  Since we have seen over 50 storefronts open in Maine and finally we are closer to "The Way Life Should Be".

“We’re pioneering this and taking this business to the next level. It’s an uphill battle because you want to make sure you’re doing everything right.”

East Coast CBDs Owner

Founder and creator of Maine's 1st cannabis radio show!!!

March 15, 2018