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East Coast CBDs Strains

Available at Our Unity, Maine Shop

East Coast CBDs has a amazing variety of strains available for your medical needs.  We offer 8 different CBD dominant (non psychoactive) strains as well as over 40 THC dominant (psychoactive) strains.  Our strains are very vibrant and distinct in flavor and smell.  Growing cannabis organically combined with quality controlled drying and curing makes a huge difference in capturing and maintaining those important terpenes and flavinoids.  We pride ourselves in our finished product and we are very confident you will too.  We encourage patients to call ahead to make sure their choice of strain is available before making the drive.  If your strain is not available we can put you on our waiting list and call you when it is available.

Black Sugar Rose - THC - Indica

An indica-dominant hybrid,  Sugar Black Rose is a cross of Critical Mass and Black Domina. Sugar Black Rose has a sweet taste with hints of fruit and fresh flowers. The aroma takes on a pungent, earthy musk that resembles exotic hash imported from overseas, and brings with it a relaxing body buzz that helps keep nausea, anxiety, and muscle pains at bay.

Cheese Candy Marijuana Strain
Grapefruit Kush Marijuana Strain

Ghost Train Haze - THC - Sativa

100% Sativa, Ghost Train Haze is a sativa cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. Unlike typical sativas, Ghost Train Haze grows dense buds blanketed in white, crystal-capped trichomes. With a sour citrus and floral aroma, Ghost Train Haze delivers a potent dose of THC to knock out pain, depression, and appetite loss, but patients prone to anxiety should steer clear of this heavy-hitter. Low doses are conducive to concentration and creativity, but you may notice some cerebral haziness as you administer more.